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The Periodic Table I-Poster

The Periodic Table I-Poster is an interactive and engaging STEM tool that helps children explore and learn about all 118 chemical elements, offering comprehensive information, fun facts, and quizzes.

The Periodic Table I-Poster

The Periodic Table I-Poster, is an engaging STEM tool designed to help children, preschoolers, and early learners aged 5 and up explore and learn about all 118 chemical elements. This interactive poster provides comprehensive information about each element, including its names, symbols, atomic numbers, mass, and groups.

In addition to the essential details, the I-Poster offers over 400 fun facts about the elements, making the learning experience enjoyable and informative. It aims to make STEM education entertaining by incorporating exciting quizzes that challenge learners' knowledge of element names, groups, and fun facts they have learned.

To aid in memorization, the My Periodic Table I-Poster features a catchy "My Periodic Table Song" that children can sing along to. The song serves as a useful tool for reinforcing the information and helping learners remember the elements and their properties.

The I-Poster comes with a high-quality fabric frame that surrounds the poster, ensuring durability and longevity. It can be conveniently hung on a wall or laid flat on the floor, doubling as a colorful play mat. This versatility makes it suitable for both classroom and home environments.


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