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The Butterfly Edufields Engineering Kit

The Butterfly Edufields Engineering and Construction Kit is an engaging and educational tool that enables children to explore engineering by building 20 different everyday gadgets.

The Butterfly Edufields Engineering Kit

The Butterfly Edufields engineering and construction kit is an engaging and educational tool that allows children aged 8 and up to explore the fascinating world of engineering. With this kit, children can build and learn the concepts behind 20 different everyday gadgets, providing them with hands-on learning experiences and the opportunity to develop problem-solving skills.

The kit includes the materials and instructions necessary to construct a variety of gadgets, such as a table fan, vacuum cleaner, hovercraft, balloon boat, static mixer, mini egg beater, drilling machine, and many more. As children build these gadgets, they will gain a deeper understanding of the basic principles of engineering and physics. Concepts like air pressure, centrifugal force, and transmission of motion are introduced and explored through practical experiments.

In addition to constructing the gadgets, the kit also encourages creativity and imagination through various activities. Children can draw with a robot, creating unique artwork with the assistance of a mechanized drawing tool. They can also engage in spin art, exploring the fascinating effects of motion and centrifugal force on paint. The kit also includes activities that allow children to experiment with magnetic properties, expanding their knowledge of magnetism and its applications.

By engaging with the Butterfly Edufields engineering and construction kit, children can develop their problem-solving skills, foster their creativity and imagination, and gain a solid foundation in engineering and physics principles. This exciting and educational kit provides a fun and interactive way for children to explore the world of engineering while constructing and experimenting with everyday gadgets.


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