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National Geographic Crystal Growing Kits

The National Geographic crystal growing sets are captivating STEM kits that provide all the materials and instructions needed to grow crystals in various colors and shapes, introducing users to the world of crystals and crystallography...

National Geographic Crystal Growing Kits

National Geographic Crystal Growing sets are really cool STEM kits designed to introduce users, especially children, to the world of crystals and crystallography. These sets typically include all the necessary materials and instructions for growing crystals in various colors and shapes.

The exact contents of each crystal growing set may vary, but they commonly include the following components:

Crystal Growing Powder: This is a special mixture of chemicals necessary for crystal formation. It is usually provided in different colors to create a variety of crystal types. Seed Crystals or Nucleation Points: Some sets come with small seed crystals or items like rocks or strings to serve as starting points for crystal growth.

Growing Container: A container or containers (often made of silicone) are included to hold the crystal-growing solution. Stirring Stick: Used to stir the crystal-growing solution and aid in the crystal formation process.

Safety Equipment: Some sets provide safety equipment such as gloves and safety goggles to ensure the safe handling of the chemicals.

The process of growing crystals involves preparing a crystal-growing solution by dissolving the crystal-growing powder in water. Seed crystals or nucleation points are placed in the solution to act as starting points. As the solution evaporates over several days, the chemicals come together and solidify, forming beautiful and colorful crystals. Users can observe the crystal growth and, once fully developed, carefully remove and display the crystals in the provided showcase.


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