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Voyager Golden Record Cover

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The replica of the NASA Voyager Golden Record cover is a faithful and visually stunning reproduction of the iconic 1977 space mission's record, featuring engraved instructions, and scientific information, serving as a symbolic message of hope for life on Earth...

The replica of the NASA Voyager Golden Record cover is a stunning tribute to the historic 1977 space mission, where two spacecraft were launched to explore the outer reaches of our solar system, carrying a golden record as a message from Earth to potential extraterrestrial civilizations. The original Voyager Golden Record included greetings in multiple languages, sounds of Earth, various genres of music, images depicting Earth and its inhabitants, scientific information, and symbols representing our solar system's location.

This full-size metal replica, measuring 12 inches in diameter, meticulously reproduces the original cover, made of gold anodized aluminum and intricately laser-etched with engraved instructions for operating the record. While the replica captures the visual beauty and significance of the Voyager Golden Record, it is important to note that it is not a playable phonograph record, but rather a faithful reproduction of its cover, allowing enthusiasts to celebrate the remarkable mission and its symbolic message of hope for life on Earth.


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