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Tabletop Sand Pendulum

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The sand pendulum is a unique and stylish tabletop gadget that draws beautiful geometric patterns in the sand...

The harmoniously oscillating sand pendulum draws beautiful patterns in the fine sand, which can be very mesmerizing and soothing to watch. When you push or release the pendulum at some height, it will start to oscillate. This harmonious oscillation draws beautiful geometric patterns into the fine sand with the sharp tip of the pendulum. Although the sand pendulum is sometimes called the Foucault pendulum, it is almost impossible to demonstrate the rotation of the Earth with such a small sand pendulum. A sand pendulum is something that You can even build yourself. Remember that the oscillation period of the pendulum does not depend on the mass of the pendulum, but on the length of the string. Pendulums with longer strings also have a longer oscillation period, which makes them even more interesting to watch.


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