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Sunnytech Desktop Balancing Toys

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Sunnytech balancing toys are desktop toys that gracefully rotate or sway back and forth with a gentle push, demonstrating the principles of balance and motion while maintaining their equilibrium...

Sunnytech offers several fascinating balancing toys. Balancing toys were made in ancient times in China and India, mainly crafted from wood. Later, in the West, they began to be made from metal. However, their movement is described by the same physics as it was in ancient times.

These tabletop balancing toys require very little space, making them perfect for placing on a desk or any other compact surface. Their operation is simple and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of age. A gentle push sets them in motion, and they gracefully sway back and forth, gradually slowing down over time until they come to a stop. When we push the toy, we give it kinetic energy, and it starts moving. However, over time, the energy transforms (due to air resistance and friction), and the toy comes to a stop.

One essential feature of these toys is their ability to maintain balance. You don't have to worry too much about them toppling over, as their construction allows them to maintain balance even when subjected to external force impulses (bushing it with your finger, for example). As they swing or rotate, they simultaneously demonstrate both pendulum motion and the laws of conservation of energy and momentum.


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