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Sandscape Art With Moving Sand Picture

Infinity candle

Moving Sand pictures are decor items that create mesmerizing and incredible sandscapes...

Sand pictures are beautiful decorative items placed on a table or wall. They consist of two glass panels that are sealed with silicon and connected by a frame. The gap between the glass panels is filled with water and sand of several different colors. And if you're wondering why the different colored sand doesn't mix, it's because they have different densities. In addition to water, there is always a certain amount of air between the frame. Air is needed to support the sand.If You look closely, you will see that the air bubbles hold the sand up. Sand finds its way between the air bubbles and begins to fall. When all the sand has fallen down the sand picture can be turned over or rotated. When you turn or rotate the sand picture, the air bubbles rise, and sand starts to find its way between the air bubbles to form magical 3D sandscapes again. There must be just the right amount of air between the frames so that the sand picture works properly. Too much air inside the sand picture prevents the sand from falling, and too little air inside the sand picture makes sand fall too quickly. In order to have the right amount of air and water in the sand picture, if necessary, water must be removed or added to the sand picture with a needle.


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