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Real Periodic Table of Elements

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This Real Periodic Table of Elements is made from acrylic glass and contains 83 samples of real elements...

The Real Periodic Table of Elements contains 83 real element samples cast in acrylic glass. It is much more interesting to see three-dimensional samples of elements than a table usually printed on paper. The table sits on a wireless light base and can be illuminated with different colored LED lights.

In 1869, the Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev developed the periodic system of elements. In 150 years, science has advanced a lot, and by now, 118 different elements have been discovered. However, some discovered elements are radioactive, and some are extremely rare, so it is not possible to include their sample in this decorative table. For example, the element francium (Fr), with atomic number 87, is a rare natural element that decays rapidly, and only a few atoms have been commercially produced. The production of 100 grams of francium already costs billions of dollars, so understandably, it is quite impossible to include a real sample of francium in the table.


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