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NASA Depot Lava Lamp

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The NASA Depot Lava Lamp is a 17-inch tall rocket-shaped retro-style lava lamp made of metal steel that adds a touch of nostalgia and space-themed flair to any room with its mesmerizing lava-like effect when turned on...

The "NASA Depot Lava Lamp" is a stylish retro-themed, 17-inch tall lava lamp designed in the shape of a rocket. This eye-catching lamp adds a touch of nostalgia and space-themed flair to any room. The lamp's body is constructed from metal steel (powder coated), providing durability and a good-looking appearance. It comes with a US plug and operates at 120v/60HZ, making it suitable for use in the United States.

A lava lamp is a decorative lighting device that consists of a glass container filled with a special liquid and colorful wax or oil. When the lamp is turned on, the heat from the bulb beneath the container causes the wax or oil to heat up and expand, becoming less dense than the liquid. As a result, the wax or oil rises through the liquid in globules, creating a lava-like effect. Once the wax or oil cools down, it descends back to the bottom, completing the cycle.


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