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MOVA Mars Globe

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MOVA Mars Globe is a beautifully crafted, solar-powered globe that captures the essence of the Red Planet with its mesmerizing rotation and distinctive colors...

MOVA Mars Globe is a remarkable product that captures the essence of the Red Planet. This beautifully crafted globe measures 4.5 inches in diameter, fitting perfectly in the palm of your hand. With its golden, brown, tan, and red hues, it showcases the distinctive colors of Mars.

The Mars Globe utilizes innovative solar technology, allowing it to rotate silently on its own. It harnesses energy from any ambient indoor light or indirect sunlight, eliminating the need for batteries or wires. This eco-friendly feature ensures a continuous, mesmerizing motion that reflects the steady rotation of the Earth.

Handmade with acrylic shells and filled with non-toxic fluids, the globe is not only visually stunning but also safe for everyday use. The package includes an easy-to-assemble 3-pronged acrylic stand and a user manual, all securely packaged in foam.


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