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Levitating Moon Lamp

Infinity candle

Levitating Moon Lamp is a 3D printed full moon model that levitates and rotates in the air...

The Levitating Moon Lamp is a 3D-printed model of an illuminated full moon that floats in the air and can rotate freely above the lamp base. 3D printing allows us to imitate the Moon's surface, and the craters, seas, and mountains are visible on the surface of the moon lamp, just like on a real Moon. Depending on the model, it is possible to change the brightness and color tone either using the remote control or manually from the base of the lamp.

A magnetic force is used to keep the moon lamp in the air, and since magnets with the same polarity repel each other, the base and the bottom of the floating light have magnets with the same polarity toward each other. However, in order for the illuminated moon to remain stable above the base, the magnets are shaped in such a way that the magnetic field created affects the spherical light from the sides as well, adding stability to it.

The LED lights inside the sphere receive electrical energy thanks to the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction, which you may remember learning from school. Electromagnetic induction is the generation of an electric current in a coil when a changing magnetic field passes through it. The electric current passing through the coil inside the base creates a changing magnetic field, which in turn creates an electric current in the coil inside the sphere and lights the LED bulb.


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