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Infinity Candle

Infinity candle

An infinity candle is a beautiful decor item that creates the illusion of an infinite row of candles between two reflective surfaces.

The Infinity Candle is a tabletop decoration that creates the illusion of an infinite row of burning candles. It was designed by Nick Moore and consists of a frame and two mirrors. The candle is placed between two parallel, reflecting surfaces. The front plate has less reflective material and is semi-transparent, which means that the glass is not completely opaque. Some of the light passes through it, and some get reflected. However, the rear, larger plate is a regular mirror and reflects all the light falling on it. If a candle is placed between two plates, the image of the candle is reflected back and forth between the two plates, creating a series of reflections. By adjusting the position of the mirrors, you can change the illusion as the endless row of candles changes its direction accordingly.

This illusion originates from the so-called barbershop mirror illusion. The barbershop illusion was created with two flat mirrors and a light bulb between them. In order to see the reflections better, one of the mirrors was placed a little higher than the other.


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