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Gemstone Solar System Model

Infinity candle

A beautiful model of the solar system handcrafted from eight different gemstones...

The Gemstone Solar System Model is a beautiful, handcrafted model of our solar system, where each planet is made of a different precious stone. Understandably, all the planets are not in scale next to each other, because next to the giant gas planets, the rocky planets, like the earth, are dwarfs. As of 2006, there are officially eight planets in our star system, as Pluto was excluded from the list.

Each planet is crafted using a stone, the color of which matches well with the color of a particular planet, at least as it appears to us from the Earth or space. Mercury is crafted from labradorite, Venus is made from woodgrain stone, Earth is made from sodalite, Mars is made from obsidian, Jupiter is from tiger's eye stone, Saturn is from yellow onyx, Uranus is from aventurine and Neptune is from cat's eye stone.


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