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Drift Sandscape Machine

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The Drift Sandscape machine is an elegant and interactive decor piece that uses a metal sphere to draw various patterns on fine sand...

Drift Sandscape machine is a very cool product where you can see how a metal sphere draws various patterns on the sand. It is an elegant and interactive decor piece that combines art and technology. Smaller version of the Drift Sandscape is 16 inch, and large version 21 inch in diameter. To create a pattern in the fine sand, a magnet below the sand and a metal ball is used. Drift Sandscape machine is controllable through an app and compatible with iOS and Android devices. With the corresponding app, you can access hundreds of different sand patterns and choose between different colored lights. Similarly, you can control the speed of the metal sphere's movement and create custom-made patterns. To get started, you need to download the Homedics Drift app or scan the QR code on the product box. In addition to the Drift Sandscape machine, backage comes with a Quick Start Guide for setup, two 240g sand packs, a metal sphere, a sand rake tool, and a power cord with a switching adapter.


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