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Color Cube

Infinity candle

The Color Cube is a mesmerizing optical gadget, that demonstrates how different colors can be obtained by mixing three primary colors...

Color Cube is a square prism made of translucent acrylic. Each face of this prism and the opposite face of that face is covered with one primary color. The cube has six faces, and thus three primary colors - cyan, magenta, and yellow are used. Primary colors are pure colors, and cannot be produced by mixing other colors, but by mixing primary colors, we can produce all other colors. When light passes through a prism, depending on the angle at which we look at the prism, it passes through different facets, and the primary colors mix. As a result, a play of light and color is created, which is very satisfying to watch.

Color Cubes come in different sizes, with side lengths from 5 cm to 8 cm. Faces are covered with a coating, which makes the cube resistant to scratches, and maintains its good optical properties for a long time.


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