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Anti-Gravity Fountain Lamp

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The anti-gravity fountain lamp is a creative desk gadget in which water droplets seem to defy gravity...

The anti-gravity fountain lamp is a creative desk gadget that creates the surreal sight of water drops falling upwards. The fountain lamp also has a humidification function, which helps to humidify the dry air in the room. By pressing the button on the base, it is possible to choose between several different modes: auto mode, table lamp mode, and water droplet backflow mode.

The anti-gravity effect is an optical illusion created by flashing LED lights at a certain frequency. If the frequency of the flashing lights is close to the frequency with which the water drops are pumped out, it is possible to create a stroboscopic effect, and it seems to us that the water drops are levitating in the air or moving upwards. You can read a more detailed description of how such an effect is created in my blog post How does the anti-gravity fountain lamp work.


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