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3D Crystal Ball Light

Infinity candle

The crystal ball light is a beautiful decorative object made of high-quality glass with a laser-engraved 3D image...

The 3D crystal ball light is a beautiful decorative item consisting of a crystal ball and a base. The ball has an image engraved on it, which can be, for example, the solar system or our home galaxy, but it is possible to choose between many different internal images.

The ball is made of K9 crystal, which is known for its good mechanical and optical properties. That is why K9 glass is also widely used, for example, in the manufacture of telescope lenses. Since K9 glass has high transparency, the image engraved in it is easily visible. To make such internal images inside the crystal ball, 3D laser engraving is used. While 2D engraving lasers process only the surface of the part, 3D engraving lasers can also process all the points below the surface. In a 3D image, each point has three spatial coordinates. The 3D engraving laser processes each point that makes up the three-dimensional image created by the software. A laser beam is focused at a precise distance below the surface of the crystal, making tiny fractures inside the crystal. By repeating the process at all necessary points, a 3D image is created inside the glass.

The base has different colored LEDs that allow you to use different lighting modes by bushing the touch switch. LEDs can be powered by three AAA batteries or a USB cable.


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