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3D Atom Model Crystal Ball

Infinity candle

The "3D Atom Model Crystal Ball" is a mesmerizing fusion of art and science, featuring a laser-engraved 3D model of a Lithium-7 atom on a crystal ball, accompanied by a multi-color LED stand...

Laser-engraved onto a crystal ball, this unique piece features a 3D model of a Lithium-7 atom, drawing inspiration from the Bohr and Rutherford atomic models. Upon close examination, you be able to see intricate details of how three electrons gracefully orbit around a nucleus that is comprised of seven perfectly arranged spheres, representing protons and neutrons.

3D Atom Model Crystal Ball comes with a multi-color LED stand. The LED stand enables to use of several dynamic modes, including a gradual color cycle that smoothly transitions through colors and a step-wise color cycle that evokes a sense of wonder. It also offers the option for solid illumination in white, red, blue, and green, allowing you to set the perfect ambiance to suit any occasion.

The atom ball is designed to be easily powered with the included micro-USB cable or three AAA batteries (not included), making it convenient for both home and office use.


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