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Solar Powered Rainbow Maker

Infinity candle

Utilizing solar-powered rotating crystals to refract sunlight, the Solar Powered Rainbow Maker is a decorative gadget that brings small rainbows into living spaces...

The Solar Powered Rainbow Maker is a clever decorative item designed by David Dear (Kikkerland Design). This gadget brings small rainbows into living spaces with its solar-powered mechanism and rotating crystals. It is perfect for hanging in a sunlit window and operates by harnessing the power of sunlight through its built-in solar panel. Once the sunlight falls on a small solar panel. it produces electricity and the gears inside the transparent plastic housing begin to rotate. Gears set the two crystals in motion, creating a display of light refraction in the room. In the Solar Powered Rainbow Maker, light refraction happens when sunlight enters the rotating crystals. As the light travels through the crystal, which has different refractive properties than air, it bends and separates into its constituent colors, creating rainbows that captivate the eye and fill the room with a stunning display of colors.


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