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Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Feel Flux is a fun gadget that delivers the most intense anti-gravity effect possible. It consists of a tube and a magnetic ball. If You drop the ball into the tube, the metal ball slows its fall without touching the tube's surface and creates an astonishing anti-gravity effect.

But how does this gadget work?

To understand how this anti-gravity effect is created we have to know two laws in electromagnetism. First is Faraday's law in induction. This law states that whenever a conductor is placed in a varying magnetic field, an electromotive force is produced. A falling magnetic ball produces a varying magnetic field in a tube, which is made of conductive material (usually copper). When that happens, an electric current is generated in the metal tube.

Now come's the second law - Lenz's law. According to Lenz's law, this induced current in the tube creates its own magnetic field that opposes the magnetic field of the falling ball.

So, when the ball is falling, it induces a current in the tube. It is called Eddie current. This Eddie currents in the tube then generate a magnetic field that opposes the magnetic field of the falling magnetic ball. This is how the gravity-defying effect is delivered, using a metal tube and a magnet.

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